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Bienvenido a Coco's Pool

Coco's Pool 1996Since 1996, Coco's Pool bar has been the bar to follow in the famous holiday town of Cala Ratjada, Mallorca, offering Happy Hour 2 for 1 all night, every night, music from its resident DJ, a gigantic TV screen so that you don't miss a single foul, penalty or goal, up to 4 bars (during the peak season), table service, a lounge with access to views of the port with its picturesque llaut boats, and all this surrounding a beautiful pool. If you were looking for a reason to visit Cala Ratjada, you've found it.

Coco's Pool Simón María JuanHeaded by Maria Sureda, a true leader in nightlife enjoyment, with the help of her two business associates, musicians from the Mallorcan group, Geminis, Juan Vidal and Simón Pocoví, Coco's Pool has continued to be at the forefront of nightlife in the Balearic islands, evolving throughout the years to continue to offer the pool party you won't want to miss.

Coco's Pool Bares

Poolhouse Bar

Coco's Pool Poolhouse barMeters of service as can only be found in a party like this one. This isn't your typical bar. This is Coco's Pool, where you have Happy Hour 2 for 1 all night, every night and service comes to your table should you be so inclined. The Pool House is where you want to be if you prefer the music and the DJ to be close to your heart.

La Terraza Bar

Coco's Pool Terraza BarThe pool, the big screen, the terrace is definitely the place you want to be at. One of our friendly waiters will serve your table or, should you prefer, you can order directly at our Terraza Bar. This is also the favorite location of German celebrity, Dieter Bohlen. During the summer, he can often be found at the Terraza Bar enjoying a Coronita.


Cocktail Bar

Coco's Pool Cocktail BarOn your way to Coco's Lounge, next to the Terraza Bar, stop by the Cocktail Bar and enjoy a fresh Mojito or Piña Colada to cool down that summer heat after a day of beach volleyball or sunbathing. Sit by the pool, enjoy your cocktail, dance, mingle, watch the game, enjoy the party.

Coco's Lounge

Coco's Pool Coco's Lounge BarThe view, the shop, the sofa, the food, the drinks. Relax, kick back and lounge on the sofas and chairs while enjoying a drink and a nice, hot snack. Check out the balcony with its view of the port and the sea, moon, and stars.



Coco's Pool es mejor

Happy Hour 2 for 1 all night, every night:

Coco's Pool Happy Hour 2 por 1 Todos los días y toda la nocheAll night, every night. Ask for a Happy Hour drink from our Happy Hour menu and get 2 for 1. Yes! That means 2 drinks for the price of 1. Of course, if you prefer a premium brand, we also have them, and though they'r not available as a Happy Hour 2 for 1, you'll definitely be very "Happy" with our prices. Only the best for our partygoers. Join the party this summer and be sure to check our calendar, our news and events and to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to see what extra gifts you could receive with your Happy Hour purchase.


The Screen

Coco's Pool Pantalla GiganteSit by the pool and enjoy the big game with 2 Happy Hour drinks in your hand. With this screen you won't miss a single pass, foul, penalty or goal. The offsides are crystal clear at this size. Check out our calendar and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to be sure to enjoy the game poolside, as only Coco's Pool provides.

The Store

Tienda de Coco's PoolWhile you're at the Coco's Lounge, be sure to get a memento at the Coco's Pool store, so you can show or gift your friends who didn't make it to the party. Check our calendar, our news, and follow us on Twitter and on Facebook so that you won't miss the special offers and Happy Hour gift days. You might even get something free from the shop with your Happy Hour.



Much more

Don't miss a thing. Be watchful of our calendar and news and events. Follow us on Twitter and on Facebook. The best parties, offers, football games are here. Come party with us! Every night is a memorable night, partying by the pool at Coco's Pool!

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